Marlene Walters spent her first dozen years in a small and unique Southern California foothill community that had originally been settled by nature-loving utopians. She was aware of her visual orientation from an early age and loved art in all its many forms.

Northern California was another good match for her and she attended Mills College where she earned a B.A. in Art. Following a career in graphic design (and raising two children), Marlene returned to her roots in fine art, studying with notable oil painters.

Marlene's paintings cover a wide range of subject matter. She works in series such as an on-going one that celebrates people going about their day-to-day activities, composing paintings to highlight both action and relationship in an impressionistic realism sometimes bordering the abstract.

Many of Marlene's small paintings are studies of commonplace objects that pay tribute to the role of simple beauty in our lives, wherever it comes from--the natural world or the world of good, functional design. 

Marlene is a member of San Francisco Women Artists, The California Art Club, The American Impressionists Society, The Association of Women Artists, ProArts and Berkeley Artisans.

She shows her work at San Francisco Women Artists Gallery and Studio Gallery in San Francisco, Desta Gallery in San Anselmo and Mythos Gallery in Berkeley.

Marlene is published in the 2013 through 2017 American Art Collector, Alcove Books, and, American Artwork, 2018. Some paintings are available as giclee prints. In addition to painting, Marlene makes fine silver objects.